With the start of 2016, it is always a good idea to set goals!
AND it is never too late to set another goal or dream another dream!

1.)  Set worthwhile goals! Why worthwhile? Setting a goal that has no meaning attached does not bring a sense of achievement. Setting goals motivates us to move forward towards positive change. So set goals that has meaning and worth to YOU and only YOU.

2.)  Set specific goals. For example, want to study and learn a new language? That is great. Now, how will you do that? Will you enroll in a class? Will you purchase software? How often will you study? Designate days and time. Be. Specific!

3.)  Commit to your goals: Write them down. Share them. Have someone check in with your periodically to see how it is coming along. Holding yourself accountable is one way to keep yourself motivated and on track to achieving that goal!

4.)  Prioritize your goals. We all live busy lives and we are ruled by technology. USE that technology to your advantage! Set reminders, alarms, and alerts. Mark it in your calendar. Make it a priority to designate time towards your goal. An hour is just 4% of your day! (FOOD FOR THOUGHT)

5.)  Set deadlines! When do you want to accomplish this goal by? It’s always good to be realistic and give yourself some time to accomplish your goal, but enough to be motivating!
6.)  Evaluate and evaluate some more. After some time, evaluate your goals! Check in- how are things going? Do you need to make some tweaks or adjustments? Evaluation is part of the process.

7.)  Reward yourself. What will you be a nice reward for yourself once you accomplish your goal? A healthy reward is encouraged! You deserve to celebrate your hard work, dedication, and success!

Happy 2016 and happy goal setting!!! May this be the best year yet!!

The Centered Life Team


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