No more classes. No more papers. No more exams. No more finals. Amazing feeling, right? Definitely, until the anxiety creeps in.  Now what am I going to do??

Life after college can be a very, well, awkward time period. Maybe you have moved back home after being away for 4 years. Maybe some of your friends have relocated for a job.  Maybe the dynamics within your friend group has changed, things you were interested in no longer interest you, or them. Maybe you are unsure if you want to take time to just breathe, do some traveling. Or maybe you landed a job right after college and you didn’t get that time to just “breathe”. Either way you slice it, you are embarking on a different journey, separate of what you have known for the past four years.

That can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Just know that it is okay to feel lost or unsure. Probably not going to like to hear this, but it is going to take some time to adjust to this new schedule, whether that transition comes smooth or rough for you.

Allow yourself that time to reflect, identify your values, set goals, and most importantly, take time to focus on your self-care. You just accomplished something major!

All my best,

Jennifer Gawlik, LCPC ~ The Centered Life




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