Recently, The Centered Life therapists, Aneta and Jennifer were asked to be guests on the blog talk radio show on Sirius XM radio, Miscarriage Matters to discuss, “The Path to Victory”. Miscarriage Matters is a radio show dedicated to discussing topics regarding miscarriage, offering support and a listening ear. As the radio show host Danielle Langford mentions, healing can only begin once the decision is made to let go of unforgiveness. In order to be able to move forward with the healing process, it is essential to forgive yourself.


Danielle Langford is an empowerment specialist, professional speaker, radio blog host, and workshop facilitator. Her passion is inspiring, teaching and motivating women, teen girls and others with workshops and presentations focused on self-esteem, body image, social media, and healthy relationships. She is the founder of Danielle also wrote the book, “Letters For My Son”.


Remember that you are not alone! If you feel like you are struggling with the loss, there are services readily available to you. You can chat live with a trained professional at or call one of our therapists and schedule an appointment to come in and talk in person. We are here to help and support you as you are going through a difficult time in your life!


On the Miscarriage Matters show, Aneta and Jennifer discussed:

–       What does victory look like?

–       What’s more important…the victory or the path?

–       Overcoming unhealthy thinking and unhealthy behaviors

–       The ramifications of unforgiveness

–       The process of healing

–       The importance of support and encouragement
Click HERE to the listen to the show!


All best,

Aneta and Jennifer


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