Groups can be a powerful mode for change. They foster support, help clients gain insight and promote social skills. The Centered Life provides groups that are especially designed to reach the maximum benefits for its members.

Groups that are currently offered include
Women’s Empowerment Group
Teen Girl Support Group

Professional Mediation

Certified mediators empower families by working together with both parties to find mutual gain. Mediation is an alternative to litigation that places the mutual gain of the family and children first. The goal of mediation is to resolve disagreements that arise from divorce or separation. Benefits of mediation include avoidance of high legal costs and involvement in the legal system as well as an amicable way of resolving disputes and disagreements.

Adolescent Risk Assessment

Sometimes when stressful experiences build up, an adolescent or family may feel overwhelmed and incapable of coping. The Centered Life offers Acute Crisis Evaluations for adolescents to help identify stressors, evaluate risk, and recommend immediate services that can help during this time.

Appointments are available within 1 business day for these services.

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