Our Partners, The Centered Life Our Partners, The Centered LifeOur Partners, The Centered LifeStrong Self(ie) is a subscription box that is all about empowering young girls! Strong girls become strong women! We love that the products in these boxes represent tools/skills for developing strong self-esteem at an early age. Not only that, they support moms by helping them connect with their girls! Use code CENTEREDLIFE20 for a special discount!


Our Partners, The Centered LifeDoctor Bill Bolster and his staff take an “active care” approach towards healing. They believe in improving your health through prevention and offer Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Injury Rehabilitation and Athletic Performance Services. Dr. Bolster also works with local kids sports teams on training and body fitness. We value other professionals who recognize the importance of healing the entire body!


Our Partners, The Centered LifeKids Matter is a non-profit organization that empowers kids through events, education and resources. They’re passionate and dedicated to supporting communities raise healthy and happy kids. Check out the the project we collaborated on with this organization!


Our Partners, The Centered Life

Atrium Wellness is dedicated to healing the body through massage and Infrared Sauna. They provide pain free deep tissue massage. We are most impressed with the founder, Annie Moore who is a Orthopedic Manual Massage Therapist! Check out this great article she write about the power of massage for reduction of stress and benefits of Infrared Sauna.

Our Partners, The Centered LifeDid you know, women tend to have a larger frontal cortex  which may impact our ability to regulate our emotions?  Neurofeedback strengthens the neuro pathways of your brain through various exercises and is an alternative approach to medication. Neurofeedback is now also among the first recommended interventions for kids with ADHD. 

Our Partners, The Centered LifeOur community is very lucky to have The Alive Center! They are dedicated to raising healthy, resilient and empowered youth to be the amazing leaders of tomorrow! We cherish our partnership with this amazing non-profit organization! Check out their latest EVENTS!Our Partners, The Centered LifeImagine a classroom where just one student and one teacher form a positive relationship before learning begins. Fusion Academy is a private middle and high school that unlocks social, emotional, and academic growth in every kid. The Centered Life provides workshops for the kids and parents of this innovative school. Here is more about their mission