Meet Our Professionals

Jennifer Gawlik, LCPC

Jennifer believes that the human mind and body are uniquely resilient, with the capability to heal from life’s most challenging moments.  Having experienced her own benefit and transformation through physical wellness, Jennifer recognizes the positive impact it has on mental wellness.

Jennifer works with adolescents and adults to create hope, who have lost a loved one, have experienced trauma, or are adjusting to life changes.  She uses a collaborative approach to guide her clients in finding their inner strength to overcome their struggles.


Samantha Bill, LCPC

Samantha’s passion is not just helping people, but empowering and teaching her clients how to help themselves. Samantha and her clients will work to build self-awareness and then turn that awareness into action to create change and make progress as a collaborative team.

Samantha specializes in exposure therapy to help clients build resilience  in overcoming their struggle with anxiety.  Samantha’s  work with families involves helping them resolve issues with communication, separation/divorce, and co-parenting.


Val Spiropoulos, LCPC/ Coach 

Val empowers women entrepreneurs who have the tools and resources but continue to struggle in findings success. She helps them understand the impact emotions have on our success (and lack of success) and identify their own unique emotional barriers. Together, Val and her clients overcome these and her clients walk confidently towards their business dreams. 

Val also teaches couples to speak the same language again and fight fair so that their bond is strong and they reignite their love for one another. 


Aneta Kryczka, LCPC

Aneta helps those, who experience anxiety and depression that comes from major health concerns like Cancer. Cancer causes many people to struggle with the fear of dying, feeling alone and questioning why this is happening to them.

Aneta uses a warm and nurturing, though simultaneously open and direct style that helps her clients to be able to no longer live in fear, find and receive the support and love they need from their family and friends, and gain the strength to fight and become a survivor.

Aneta provides therapy in both English and Polish. 


Trish Stening, LCPC 

Trish believes in the importance of building a strong relationship with each client in order to create a safe space to overcome challenges the client may be facing. Trish takes a  collaborative approach with her clients in order to honor each individual’s wants and needs during the therapeutic process. Trish enjoys working with new moms transitioning into motherhood and struggling to find time for themselves. Trish is also committed to bring healing to those who are dealing with severe stress,depression, anxiety or who have been through a traumatic experience.