Our Professionals

Jennifer Gawlik, LCPC

Jennifer believes that the human mind and body are uniquely resilient, with the capability to heal from life’s most challenging moments.  Having experienced her own benefit and transformation through physical wellness, Jennifer recognizes the positive impact it has on mental wellness.

Jennifer works with adolescents and adults to create hope, who have lost a loved one, have experienced trauma, or are adjusting to life changes.  She uses a collaborative approach to guide her clients in finding their inner strength to overcome their struggles.


Samantha Bill, LCPC

It can be hard to reach out for help and you are courageous for wanting to make changes to your life in order to be your best self. Samantha’s passion is not just helping people, but empowering and teaching her clients HOW to help themselves. She works closely with clients to identify and build upon their strengths as a foundation to reach their therapy goals. In therapy Samantha and her clients will work to build self-awareness and then turn that awareness into action so that we can create change and make progress as a collaborative team.

Samantha specializes in using exposure therapy to help clients build resilience and confidence in overcoming their struggle with anxiety. She helps people cope better with anger, stress, depression, and relationship issues. Samantha’s clinical work with families involves helping them resolve issues with communication, separation/divorce, and co-parenting.

Valerie Spiropoulos, LCPC

Valerie empowers women and young girls to feel more confident and better define their sense of self. She advocates for women to love and prioritize themselves in order to battle stress, improve happiness and have meaningful relationships.

Valerie helps couples speak the same language and rediscover feelings of compassion and connection towards one another. When couples experience divorce, Valerie is trained in Mediation to help partners communicate clearly and make healthy decisions for their family outside of the litigation process.

Aneta Kryczka, LCPC

Aneta works with teens adjusting to change in their lives or who act out behaviorally at school and home. She also supports clients as they create hope and happiness after enduring trauma in their past. Couples establish healthy boundaries and improve their communication when working with Aneta.

Aneta is bilingual in Polish and English and is trained in culturally specific issues such as immigration, assimilation, and family conflict. She has a great appreciation for each client’s unique life story and feels honored to assist them in their journey toward healing and growth.