At The Centered Life, we value and welcome the opportunity to work with YOU!

Our services include:


We understand that the therapeutic relationship is extremely important. Our therapists are passionate about creating a safe, warm, and nurturing environment. Together, we will work to determine appropriate goals to help you live a more centered life. Here are some of our areas of focus and specialty:


Depression and anxiety share a commonality, in that they frequently steal joy, preventing individuals from living in the present moment. Those with anxiety are continuously preoccupied with the future, while those with depression are focused on what has happened in the past. Depression and anxiety frequently co-occur and can impact an individual’s ability to function tremendously. We provide guidance and support to help you alleviate symptoms, gain insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, reframe negative and intrusive thoughts, and rebuild your sense of self. 

Our therapists have experience and training in the following areas: 

– generalized anxiety
– social anxiety
– panic disorder
– post traumatic stress disorder
– obsessive and compulsive disorder
– specific phobias
– depressive disorders


Healing from a traumatic experience can feel overwhelming, daunting, and impossible. We understand that trauma can have a direct impact on your mental health, affecting your thoughts, emotions, and behavior, so much so that it has an effect on your self-esteem and relationships. It also can impact your ability to trust those around you. 

We are committed to providing you with a safe space to build trust to help you process and navigate the trauma in a healthy way and learn healthy coping skills. 


Relationships are foundational in how we connect with others. Our emotions are essential when it comes to creating deep, strong, and lasting relationships, whether in family or personal relationships, or in building your business. As individuals, our health and happiness are connected to the relationships we have with others and ourselves. 

At The Centered Life, we pride ourselves in being relationship-focused. We specialize in the following:

  • helping couples speak the same language, improving communication, connection, and trust
  • healing as an individual or couple following infidelity/betrayal
  • coping with relationship break-up or divorce
  • navigating a new relationship
  • gaining insight and awareness into attachment and relationship patterns
  • developing a positive relationship with yourself, increasing self-esteem, self-love, and self-care
  • establishing and maintaining fulfilling and meaningful friendships and relationships
  • learning assertiveness and other interpersonal effectiveness skills


With loss comes change, and with change comes loss. Loss is evitable and a normal human experience. Grief is the acute pain that accompanies loss.  It is not limited to the loss of a loved one, as it is also present when we experience transitions in our life, such as becoming a parent for the first time, moving to a new area, the ending of a relationship, etc. Grief is a very unique experience, as we all process differently. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment that promotes processing, healing, and growth. 

Some examples of losses include:

  • loss of a loved one
  • loss of a pet
  • loss of job
  • career transition
  • relocation
  • miscarriage/pregnancy loss
  • health changes/ new medical diagnosis
  • break-up/divorce


We all experience changes in our lives that are difficult to adjust to. They throw us off balance and everything can seem more confusing, upsetting, and overwhelming. These are life events that prompt processing and healing. It can be difficult to make sense of how you are feeling and what you are thinking. 

We strive to work collaboratively to determine appropriate goals to help you overcome the challenges you are facing and to help you navigate these transitions to promote growth and learning. 


We firmly believe in the mind-body connection. If you are experiencing health changes and/or a new medical diagnosis, it not only affects your physical wellness, but your overall mental and emotional health. We help you cope and manage the challenges that are brought forth from pain, acute disorders, chronic illness, and other medical conditions. Our therapists focus on health promotion, maintenance, and prevention and treatment of illness. We focus on helping you better understand psychological factors that influence your overall health and wellbeing. 


Establishing a work/life balance can be challenging, yet possible! Our therapists are passionate about helping you create a sense of balance between your professional personal life. This includes learning to prioritize your self-care and make choices that are according to your core values. We are happy to explore career choices that align with your passions and promote a meaningful life. 


Being a business owner or high achieving woman comes with its unique emotional and mindset obstacles. Val Spiropoulos and Samantha Bill-Erlenbaugh help these women step out of their comfort zones and step into success by teaching them the skills to improve their emotional intelligence and overcome anxiety that can otherwise keep them from realizing and achieving their dreams.