Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

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Jennifer Gawlik, LCPC

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Jennifer believes that the human mind and body are uniquely resilient, with the capability to heal from life’s most challenging moments.  Having experienced her own benefit and transformation through physical wellness, Jennifer recognizes the positive impact it has on mental wellness.

Jennifer works with adolescents and adults to create hope, who have lost a loved one, have experienced trauma, or are adjusting to life changes.  She uses a collaborative approach to guide her clients in finding their inner strength to overcome their struggles.






Samantha Bill, LCPC, Coach

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Sam specializes in helping teens and adults who struggle with anxiety. She believes that
the only way to overcome anxiety, is to go right through it. Sam works with her clients
to teach them coping skills that build resilience to overcome their anxiety. She wants
her clients to leave therapy finally having freedom from the anxiety that used to weigh them down.Sam also works with female entrepreneurs who are struggling to take action in their business due to their fear and anxiety. She teaches them how to gain complete control and confidence in their life and business.










Val Spiropoulos, LCPC/ Coach 

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Val works with women who seek to create balance in their lives but struggle to prioritize themselves to achieve it. Most of these women suffer from low confidence, anxiety, feelings of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment in their roles as moms, wives, career-women and friends.

Val also founded The Centered Entrepreneur, where she mentors women who are starting or growing their business that find themselves lacking the balance, emotional resilience and the courage to keep pushing their limits. These struggles impact their income, confidence and focus on building the business of their dreams. The Centered Entrepreneur specializes in helping women increase their EQ (Emotional Intelligence); the strongest predictor of success in business.


Aneta Kryczka, LCPC

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Aneta helps those, who experience anxiety and depression that comes from major health concerns like Cancer. Cancer causes many people to struggle with the fear of dying, feeling alone and questioning why this is happening to them.

Aneta uses a warm and nurturing, though simultaneously open and direct style that helps her clients to be able to no longer live in fear, find and receive the support and love they need from their family and friends, and gain the strength to fight and become a survivor.

Aneta provides therapy in both English and Polish. 










Trish Stening, LCPC 

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered LifeTrish believes in the importance of building a strong relationship with each client in order to create a safe space to overcome challenges the client may be facing. Trish takes a  collaborative approach with her clients in order to honor each individual’s wants and needs during the therapeutic process. Trish enjoys working with new moms transitioning into motherhood and struggling to find time for themselves. Trish is also committed to bring healing to those who are dealing with severe stress,depression, anxiety or who have been through a traumatic experience.



Michele McDonough, LCPC

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Michele believes that through self-acceptance change is possible! She helps her clients discover resilience and perseverance by working through barriers and building strength in their sense of self along the way.  Michele works with adolescents and adults struggling to manage daily life activities, navigate healthy relationships and improve their self-worth.

Michele specializes in parent guidance and support, having 8 years experience as a parent coach and 10 years experience as a child care provider. She works with parents to better understand their child’s development and how to more effectively deal with behavior challenges. Michele especially connects  with first-time parents, single parents, adoptive parents and young parents.


Katie Perricone, LCPC

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Katie values personal relationships, family, and creativity. Her mission is to develop a strong collaborative environment with each of her clients in order to restore balance.

Katie utilizes her passion for strengthening kids and families through a creative and holistic lens. She walks with her clients, helping them  to develop insight and increase awareness of the choices they have, so that they can shift their perspective and be empowered to make the lasting changes they seek. Katie’s authentic and non-judgmental approach helps her clients to listen to their inner self, improve their understanding of the mind/body connection, reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms, increasing resilience, and finding hope, healing, and recovery.




Katherine Gonzalez, LCPC

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Katherine holds the belief that each person has an opportunity to create positive change and to improve their quality of life. Also, that a person’s past doesn’t determine their present and the person that they have the power to become. Katherine believes that therapy brings understanding to each part of our lives and it can help us become better versions of ourselves, improve our relationships, and it can help us to create new paths.  Katherine is a bilingual therapist (English/Spanish) who supports children and adults. Most of her clients struggle with daily life stressors and difficulty managing their mood. Some, experience this through anxiety, depression, anger, and feelings of loss or grief. Katherine is especially connected with clients who have endured trauma in their lives and holds specialty certifications to support them and their families. 

Shamice Wolfolk, LSW

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Shamice believes that your experiences should be approached, not avoided.  She is passionate about working with those who feel crippled by their anxiety and depression that are seeking the courage to gain freedom to become the person they envision to be.

Shamice guides her clients to take the driver’s seat in their lives and take control over the thoughts and feelings that may be currently directing their life. She strives to help her clients increase self-confidence, build healthy communication, and relationships.

Shamice specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention and values family, healthy relationships, and being content both mentally and emotionally. Her utmost goal and clinical vision is to provide her clients with a safe space where they feel comfortable sharing their story. 






Ariana Ruiz, MHP

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Ariana believes in encouraging and assisting others in improving their mental health in order to live happy and fulfilling lives. She works to provide support for her clients and create a safe environment for others to share and explore issues they are struggling with. Ariana believes that no one should have to navigate difficult problems on their own. Together with her clients, she is prepared to go on the journey to explore their mental health.

Savannah Rucker, MHP

Meet Our Professionals, The Centered Life

Savannah’s military experience has guided her approach in working with individuals to support them in finding balance and autonomy within their lives. Holistic work must focus on the mind, body, and spirit while also considering the reciprocal relationship nature has with one’s environment. She works by assisting clients to identify and explore values that are strengthened through committed action towards one’s goals. 

Savannah both uses and introduces mindfulness practice to foster a safe, nonjudgmental environment which can be the right ingredients to begin your butterfly effect.  Change starts from within and Savannah is  excited to cultivate strengthened conditions for change and healing.